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Satsang in Baarn, Netherlands



Satsang evening: 16


Satsang evening: 4, 11

Satsang weekend: 8 – 10


Satsang evening: 2

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Satsang in Leeuwarden

21 September

Time  1:30 – 4:30 pm
Location  Waalse kerk, Grote Kerkstraat 222, Leeuwarden
Information  Sjoerie Scheutjens 06-54905827 |

Prajnaparamita offers a doorway to the liberating revelation of the mystery within. Here, in the heart of life, everything is perfectly resting in itself.
Satsang & retreats 

Complete agenda 

21 September Satsang Leeuwarden
23 September Satsang Baarn
29 September – 6 October Retreat La Roseraie de Sacha
13 – 20 October Retreat La Roseraie de Sacha
20 – 27 October Padmasambahva – Retreat La Roseraie de Sacha
4 November Satsang Baarn
8 – 10 November Satsang weekend Baarn
11 November Satsang Baarn
2 December Satsang Baarn
22 – 29 December Christmas Retreat La Roseraie de Sacha
29 December – 5 January Christmas Retreat La Roseraie de Sacha


Satsang in Baarn

Satsang evenings

Time:  Monday evening – 8 pm -10 pm (door open 7:30 pm)
Location:  Kerk, Eemnesserweg 63b, 3743 AE Baarn, Netherlands
Information:  Joke:

Satsang weekends

A weekend to deepen, enliven, strengthen and soften in the wisdom-field of Prajnaparamita. The weekend consists of five satsangs which consider life’s most essential questions: truth, compassion, love and awakening. Satsang is a spontaneous expression of wisdom, with questions asked by those that attend, with loving guidance offered in the responses of Prajnaparamita. On the way, we share music, precious insights with meditative mantras in the mornings, all aimed at attaining a deeper quality of being, an awareness of our true selves.


  • Friday: Satsang 8 pm
  • Saturday:Meditation 9 am – Satsang 11 am – satsang 8 pm
  • Sunday: Meditation 9 am – satsang 11 am – satsang 3 pm

The following websites are useful in finding accommodation:, en
If you need help in finding a place to sleep, please let us know.

‘Het Witte Kerkje’ Kampstraat 8, 3741 AR Baarn, Netherlands

Information and registration
Joke: 030-2443546 of

Allow Truth to be your authority
expose yourself to its light
it is the gentlest master

~ Prajnaparamita ~

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